How We Fund

Our approach is trust-based and business-minded, which gives our fundees the freedom and flexibility they need to make magic happen.

We approach philanthropy with a business mindset.

Traditionally, social impact organizations have had their hands tied by outdated ideas about how they should operate—like eliminating overhead and minimizing risk. We believe innovation is tough to pull off from such a small box, so we give our fundees the ability to do whatever will maximize meaningful social returns for their community. We encourage calculated risk-taking. And we invest in developing our funded organizations' leaders, like they do in the for-profit sector, because we’ve seen the degree to which strong leadership can make all the difference in the world. 

We invest in those who know best

What do we know about what a remote Indigenous community needs to thrive? Or how to keep kids out of gangs? Not nearly enough—so we don’t prescribe solutions to problems we don’t fully understand. Instead, we find the talented and tenacious leaders working on the frontlines in their communities, and give them the money they need to do their good work. If that changes over time, that’s okay with us. If it means hiring team members, that works too. Our funding is always unrestricted, and our relationships are long-term, so leaders can think beyond the near future—and pivot when things change.

We believe in less paper-pushing, and more change-making.

For too long, Canada’s most promising changemakers have had to spend their precious time finding funding, filling out applications and proposals, and fulfilling funders’ often exhaustive reporting requirements, leaving far too little time to do the work that matters most. If you ask us, that’s backwards. To ease the administrative burden on organizations, our proposal and reporting processes are quick and concise, and we find our fundees rather than the other way around. We believe in accountability, of course, but we ask fundees for the information that’s actually required to assess progress toward agreed-upon goals, and no more.

Who We Fund

We find and fund social entrepreneurs and business minded organizations with promise who are leading change in their communities.

We invest in charitable organizations, social enterprises and impact entrepreneurs with a focus on the following areas:

  • Health and wellness
  • Children and youth education
  • Environmental conservation and protection

We put our trust in the organizations working on the ground in their communities.