Increasing charities' efficiency and effectiveness by providing better physical spaces

Posted 11 April 2021 in Health & Wellness


Funded since 2015

HeroWork renovates non-profit infrastructure to increase charities’ efficiency, sustainability, innovation, and programming so that vulnerable populations are better served. Their vision is to replicate the HeroWork model into communities across Canada.

Why we fund HeroWork 

Traditionally, charities and other nonprofits don’t invest in their own work environments or other infrastructure—often because their sources of funding discourage or don’t allow spending money on operations. At Power to Give, we believe that these organizations, and the passionate people who work for them, deserve functional, efficient and innovative spaces in which to do their good work. HeroWork helps with exactly that. They build and renovate spaces for charitable organizations, so those organizations can better serve their communities. We love that they’re working to replicate their approach across Canada, ensuring that more organizations benefit.