Protecting land and language through an innovative social enterprise

Posted 08 April 2021 in Youth Education

MakeWay Foundation - Nawalakw Project

Funded since 2018

A "wellspring of inclusive healing, learning and renewal," Nawalakw's vision is "to strengthen the spirit and hearts of our children and children yet unborn; to create a presence in our traditional territory where we start to become the stewards of our lands once again." Along the way, they're creating meaningful jobs so their community's young people don't leave for the big cities, and educating the "outside" world about how to live as one with the environment.

Why we fund Nawalakw

For Indigenous communities wanting to preserve their languages, time is running out. With each passing year, more elders pass on, taking a piece of the language with them. Recognizing the urgency, K’odi Nelson came up with a bold vision for a social enterprise-model luxury eco-lodge whose revenues would fund critical language revitalization programs, as well as land-based healing. His vision will soon become reality in Nawalakw, for which Power to Give was honoured to provide support.