Changing lives by providing hope & dignity through hygiene

Posted 08 April 2021 in Health & Wellness

Soap for Hope Canada

Funded since 2014

Soap for Hope Canada expands access to good hygiene through the redistribution of repurposed hygiene products (soap bars, shampoo bottles, etc.) and retired products (linens, robes, slippers, etc) sourced from more than 100 caring community partners. Staff and volunteers reprocess these products for re-use in urban shelters, community facilities, schools, senior centers, and remote Indigenous Communities.

Why we fund Soap for Hope 

Soap for Hope is relentless, in the best way. They saw a problem—hotels disposing of unused or half-used personal care products—and decided to do something about it. They knew there were people living on the streets, in homeless shelters and elsewhere for whom those products could make a big difference. They began lobbying hotels to donate the products rather than throwing them out. It was an uphill battle, but they ultimately triumphed. The result: less waste in our landfills, and more dignity for underserved populations.

Click the link below to view their 2020 Impact Report.

2020 Impact Report 2