Saving species from the brink of extinction

Posted 13 April 2021 in Environmental Conservation

Wildlife Preservation Canada

Funded since 2016

Wildlife Preservation Canada saves animals from extinction in Canada by carrying out hands-on work with species that require direct intervention to survive. They also build Canada's conservation capacity, providing opportunities for Canadian scientists to develop expertise while adding to endangered species conservation knowledge. They're the only organization in Canada to provide hands-on care such as conservation breeding, re-introduction, nest protection, and head-starting for different species in projects across the country, complemented by stewardship and outreach programs to directly engage communities within endangered species recovery programs.

Why we fund Wildlife Preservation Canada 

It’s easy to get excited about orcas or spirit bears. Their appeal is obvious. It takes real passion to care deeply about the less photogenic creatures. Wildlife Preservation Canada has that passion. They work doggedly to protect the lesser-known species that are overlooked, but nevertheless critical to the region’s biodiversity.