Keeping kids safe, in school—and out of gangs

Posted 08 April 2021 in Youth Education

Yo Bro Yo Girl

Funded since 2014

Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative’s purpose is to keep kids safe, in school, and positively connected to their communities. Yo Bro | Yo Girl youth are motivated and equipped with the tools to avoid drugs and violence, pursue education, and become the strong leaders of tomorrow.

Why we fund Yo Bro | Yo Girl 

Surrey has a major gang problem—and we believe in Yo Bro | Yo Girl’s preventative approach to addressing the problem. Founded by a former gang member, the organization believes the key to keeping kids safe from gangs is ensuring that they’re in school and positively connected to their communities. Centred around support and mentorship, their approach has proven effective in helping kids avoid the grips of gangs, drugs and violence.