The changing world of philanthropy is complex.

For families and individuals, it can seem impossible to navigate: How to decide where to invest your resources to maximize your impact on the important issues of today?

Power to Give is a boutique venture philanthropy foundation that provides social purpose organizations with capital and strategic support, while providing philanthropists a refreshed approach to giving and the ability to leverage their impact.

This combination allows organizations to scale solutions for some of Canada’s most pressing challenges while giving philanthropists a more entrepreneurial, personalized and rewarding philanthropic experience.


We believe the charitable sector needs a refreshed approach to philanthropy to achieve audacious impact.

By working with Power to Give, our clients and the organizations they support are achieving results greater than the sum of their individual efforts.

We call this “Relief and Belief”:

  • Charities need relief from the burden of traditional funding models... and belief in their abilities to execute with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Philanthropists need relief from traditional giving structures and expectations... and belief that their dollars can be leveraged through collaboration for greater impact.
What We Do

Power To Give finds and supports aspiring changemakers.

We work both with high-potential social purpose leaders who are under-supported by traditional funders, and high-capacity philanthropists who often prefer to fly under-the-radar in their giving.

We work with these two sides of the sector in three ways:

We curate promising social impact organizations and liberate their potential with unrestricted, long-term funding.

We convene organizations and philanthropists in inspiring places for shared experience that ignite imagination and dialogue.

We connect meaningful resources to organizations, using the power of collective leverage to maximize impact.

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Get Involved

Interested to learn more?

Power to Give offers a variety of ways to start your impact journey – from field trips to see our work up close, to retreats with peers to explore sector issues in inspiring places, to meeting in person to understand your goals, interests and values.
Let’s begin with a quiet conversation about a refreshed approach to philanthropy—and your particular goals – to amplify your Power To Give.

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“The best thing about working with Power to Give is the trust given to us regarding how to spend the grant money we receive. It's a very refreshing approach that gives us freedom to make the best choices for us, rather than being told by a donor what they think is best.”

Emily-Anne King
Backpack Buddies