About Power to Give

Power to Give is a charitable foundation and philanthropic network that facilitates better giving, for bigger impact. We connect impact entrepreneurs who want to fund audacious change with passionate social impact leaders working on the ground in their communities—because they know how to get the job done. To ensure that these organizations can spend more time creating impact and less time pushing paper, our proposal and reporting processes are quick and concise, and our funding is always unrestricted. Even better: we find our fundees rather than the other way around.

We also create opportunities for impact sector leaders to come together, both to develop their capacity as leaders and to engage in important conversations about philanthropy in Canada. Because if we’re all more or less after the same thing—a better, brighter future for our people and the planet—we figure it makes sense for us to work together. To us, that’s better giving. Join us.

We’re here to add value

The funds we invest come from generous impact entrepreneurs who want to create meaningful change in the world. But we do our best to add even more value to every dollar that flows through the foundation. We lend our years of experience in the charitable sector, our own thought leadership around trust-based philanthropy, and, most importantly, our time. By finding, vetting, and developing organizations that align with our funders’ philanthropic priorities, we ensure that they can give with confidence, and in a way that’s meaningful to them.

We can do more good together.

We acknowledge that no one person has all the answers and that we can’t achieve our goals without listening, collaborating and co-investing with others. Soliciting and seeking valuable perspectives will help inform our work.

That's why we act as conveners bringing social entrepreneurs and philanthropy’s big thinkers together to exchange ideas and connect on issues that matter to them. Each year we gather the Power to Give Network in an inspiring location to dig deep on leadership development, and facilitate critical conversations about the pressing challenges our country faces—and how best to tackle them, together. 

To be the most trusted and influential social profit investor

We collaborate with impact entrepreneurs to invest in worthy causes


  • Trust: We believe in transparency with both funders and fundees to build lasting and trusted relationships
  • Efficiency: We like to be clear on the impact we are trying to achieve and getting things done in the most efficient way possible with maximum results.
  • Collaboration: We seek valuable perspectives from others, acknowledging that greatness cannot be achieved without collaboration
  • Courage: We believe in taking calculated risks and being comfortable with the fact we might fail trying to achieve something great knowing failure leads to even greater opportunities

An experienced team with a passion for leading change.

Tim Cormode Founder of Power To Give

Tim Cormode

Founder, Board Director

As Executive Director of long-running Victoria-based organization Power to Be, Tim began to see the ways in which the grant-seeking process was unnecessarily burdensome. His vision for a more trust-based approach to grant-making eventually evolved into Power to Give.

Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon

Board Director

Mike brings significant business, technology and governance experience, plus a passion for social impact, to his role on Power to Give’s Board of Directors. He was previously involved in creating technological solutions to challenges faced by those who are disabled; this experience ignited his desire to be involved in supporting social causes and to use his skills in a way that benefits humanity.

Ellen Henry

Ellen Henry

Executive Assistant

Power to Give wouldn’t work without Ellen. With over 20 years of experience supporting CEOs and Boards, she’s an expert at ensuring that organizations like ours operate effectively, and that our team’s most valuable asset—our time—is well and wisely spent.

We’re proud to gather audacious changemakers in exceptional places like these.

Have questions? Let us direct you to the right place.

Power To Give is a charitable foundation leading a growing network of impact entrepreneurs unified in a business mindset and a trust-based approach. We are a foundation for people who want to create meaningful change in the world and have something to contribute — whether that is capital, talent, tenacity or passion. We connect impact entrepreneurs to worthy causes.

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Canadian Disability Hall of Fame Inductee

Tim Cormode, Founder (2020)

Courage to Come Back Award Finalist

Adaptive Recreation Participant (2016)


We share career opportunities at our impact organizations

Would you like to work for, and alongside, people determined to make the world a better place? Check back for job openings with the impact organizations we partner with. 

Current Opportunity

The Power To Give Foundation is seeking a part time Administrative Assistant. Starting as a contract fully remote role, this position has the potential to grow into a permanent and valued member of the team with expanded hours. Flexible hours can be arranged around your schedule. Power to Give is a charitable foundation and philanthropic network that facilitates better giving, for bigger impact. We connect impact entrepreneurs who want to fund audacious change with passionate social impact leaders working on the ground in their communities—because they know how to get the job done. Join our small and dedicated team undertaking this important work.

The Administration Assistant provides administration support for Power To Give’s team. This will include calendar management, email and general mail, digital documents management, and travel arrangements. Communications with external stakeholders and event guests will be an essential part of the work. Special projects related to database management, website maintenance and communications, will round out the position. The role requires a high level of organizational, administrative and technical skills. We are looking for someone who is motivated, confident and has excellent MS Office and communication skills. The successful candidate will be a self-starter, can work independently and with other members of the team.


  • Certificate in Office Administration or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Experience in office administration
  • Proficient technical skills including MS Office (Outlook, Word, and Excel), Zoom, WordPress.
  • Experience in completion of project/tasks with minimal supervision
  • Proficient time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Added bonuses would be experience using customer relationship management software, Social Media and SEO tracking, and graphics design experience

To apply please email us.