About Power to Give

Since 2016, Power to Give has invested more than $75 million on behalf of a single donor into a small number of social purpose organizations, making it one of the most active grassroots-focused foundations in Canada. Today, other active and aspiring philanthropists are joining us to amplify this impact through our unique model:

People – We are an experienced team that are trusted to bring together the critical changemakers on both sides of the table – social purpose leaders and aspiring philanthropists – to convene, curate and connect inspirational ideas that can change the world.

Place – We bring these people together in remarkable venues – both on field trips to “see the work in action” and for theme-based retreats in inspiring locations. This facilitates synergies and inspiration in real time – with immediate, trusted proximity to funders who can make commitments far quicker than from behind a desk.

Purpose - We are pushing for a refreshed approach to philanthropy – beyond just our portfolio. We believe that Canadian charities and donors deserve a better system than currently exists and that the challenges we face as a nation require new thinking and action.

We’re here to add value

The funds we invest come from generous impact entrepreneurs who want to create meaningful change in the world. But we do our best to add even more value to every dollar that flows through the foundation. We lend our years of experience in the charitable sector, our own thought leadership around trust-based philanthropy, and, most importantly, our time. By finding, vetting, and developing organizations that align with our funders’ philanthropic priorities, we ensure that they can give with confidence, and in a way that’s meaningful to them.

We can do more good together.

This collective leverage drives robust support to promising social impact entrepreneurs—an efficient use of wealth that maximizes positive community impact.

Our approach provides our social purpose organizations with:

  • Tailored financial resources, including unrestricted, multi-year funding and connections to other donors
  • Management advice and tools, including strategic planning, leadership development and governance training
  • A cohort of peer organizations and leaders in the social purpose sector, plus annual Social Impact retreats and ongoing virtual gatherings
  • Streamlined application and reporting processes

Our approach provides our philanthropist partners with:

  • A one-stop-shop for their giving, no matter what stage they are at
  • Access to vetted social impact organizations supported by PTG’s training and resources, as well as our network of other donors
  • Opportunities to engage in discreet conversations with their peers about wealth, family, philanthropy, and impact in inspiring settings

Our Values

  • Trust: We believe in transparency on the impact we are trying to achieve to build lasting and trusted relationships
  • Collaboration: We seek valuable perspectives from others, acknowledging that greatness cannot be achieved without collaboration
  • Courage: We believe in taking calculated risks and being comfortable with the fact we might fail trying to achieve something great
  • Excitement: We believe excitement fuels giving and believe that anything is possible
  • Gratitude: We believe gratitude is a contagious emotion. Gratitude is
    what fuels our ability to achieve impact
  • Diversity: We believe in equal access to our resources and funding for
    those who might otherwise be excluded

A team experienced in delivering real impact
in our communities.

We are experienced in social impact and in working together with individuals who have significant capacity to give. With our individual and collective experience, we will support and guide you on your impact journey, ensuring your giving has real impact in our society.

We’re proud to gather audacious changemakers in exceptional places like these.

Have questions? Let us direct you to the right place.

Power To Give is a charitable foundation leading a growing network of impact entrepreneurs unified in a business mindset and a trust-based approach. We are a foundation for people who want to create meaningful change in the world and have something to contribute — whether that is capital, talent, tenacity or passion. We connect impact entrepreneurs to worthy causes.

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Canadian Disability Hall of Fame Inductee

Tim Cormode, Founder (2020)

Courage to Come Back Award Finalist

Adaptive Recreation Participant (2016)


We share career opportunities at our impact organizations

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