Staying Connected While Apart

Posted March 11, 2021 in Blog
Bilston Farm Leadership Retreat

Power To Give fosters connection amongst the organizations we fund. These connections have been even more important during the pandemic, requiring adjustments to ensure we are safely gathering. The bonus has been the incredible collaborations that have grown out of these connections, heightening the impact on our communities.

With in person meetings no longer an option, Power To Give began holding regular virtual gatherings via Zoom. Early discussions centered on the pandemic, the impact on organizations, and what we could do to continue to provide services to our communities. Resources and stories were shared, some heartbreaking and some inspiring. Over time, a wonderful network was strengthened and the ability to amplify each others’ work continues to be astounding.

In September 2020, a window in the pandemic waves allowed for a small, in person gathering. We took great care to follow public health guidelines, keeping a safe distance from each other. Oh, how we reveled in spending time together, learning and sharing. Under the insightful guidance of our friends at The Roy Group, we dug deep into issues and workshopped challenges. We are so grateful that we had this respite in what has been an incredibly difficult year.

While our online connections continue, we look forward to the time we can again gather in person.