Health and Wellness Centre

Posted 25 April 2024


Current status: Complete and operational.

Also known as Bella Bella, Kunsoot lies within the traditional territory of the Heiltsuk Nation on the central coast of BC. This coastal community is holds lush rainforests, rugged coastlines, and abundant marine life, as well an immense cultural significance for the Heiltsuk people and a hub for culture and traditions, including preservation and revitalization of the Heiltsuk language, teachings, and ceremonies. As stewards of their territory, the Heiltsuk demonstrate a profound commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable resource management, ensuring that future generations can continue to thrive in harmony with the land and waters that have sustained their people for countless generations.


Identified as a community need in 2018, the centre is a new, multi-agency, collaborative space delivering 
year-round, Heiltsuk land-based healing and learning in an inclusive, accessible and safe space. The facility is designed to be low-impact, with solar panels, creek 
micro-hydro, compositing sewage, locally-milled lumber and organic gardens.

Watch the 6 minute video.