Power to Give is a charitable foundation and philanthropic network that facilitates better giving, for bigger impact. 


We exist to blaze a new trail for the philanthropic and social impact sectors.

Safe social change isn't good enough anymore. Solving persistent social problems depends on investing in the right people running the right organizations, and freeing them to take the necessary risks that will result in real solutions.  We provide unrestricted funding—but it's not just about writing cheques. We act as conveners. We bring resources to the table and then get out of the way so the sector's most promising leaders can get the hard work done. 

What We Do

We are a foundation for people who want to create meaningful change in the world and have something to contribute—whether that's capital, talent, tenacity or time.

Our trust-based approach removes the administrative burden and empowers our fundees to take calculated risks with the potential for game-changing payoffs.

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Invest in exponential impact

We want your charitable dollars to do maximum good in the world, so we act on your behalf to find and invest in promising social impact entrepreneurs. In addition to each investment we make, we add significant value to every dollar donated by providing other resources that amplify impact. 

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“The best thing about working with Power to Give is the trust given to us regarding how to spend the grant money we receive. It's a very refreshing approach that gives us freedom to make the best choices for us, rather than being told by a donor what they think is best.”

Emily-Anne King
Backpack Buddies