Making learning about food, nutrition and health engaging and fun

Posted 24 June 2021 in Health & Wellness

Growing Chefs

Funded since 2018

Too many kids lack access to healthy, whole food or know where it comes from. Through its food literacy programs, delivered by teams of chefs and community volunteers, Growing Chefs gives kids and youth hands-on experience with the whole food cycle, from seed to plate to compost.

Why we fund Growing Chefs
Growing Chefs offers the nutritional education we wish we’d received as children, in a way we would have loved to receive it: interactive learning experiences provided by professional chefs rather than parents. Growing Chefs makes learning about the connection between nutrition and wellness engaging and fun, helping kids to see the physical and mental health benefits of eating better. We also appreciate the organization’s collaborative approach; their partnership with schools means their messaging reaches more kids, more effectively.