Improving the educational experiences of BC's Indigenous youth

Posted 08 April 2021 in Youth Education


Funded since 2014

Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIIE) is a voluntary network of K-12 educators who are helping to create a socially just society by making sure that ‘every learner crosses the stage with dignity, purpose and options.’ They do this by creating and mobilizing cultures of inquiry, quality, equity and collaboration within and across schools, districts and communities.

Why we fund NOIIE

No one should have to experience racism, anywhere—and kids shouldn’t have to encounter it in the classroom, ever. NOIIE’s model has a strong track record of fostering more equitable and inclusive schools, and better learning environments for Indigenous students provincewide. Their process focuses on moments of transition—from school to school, or home to home—which are the times schools tend to lose vulnerable students. Participating schools ask their Indigenous students what’s going on with them, listen attentively, then turn their newfound insight and understanding into programs and initiatives that benefit Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike.