Taking youth on life-changing expeditions to the ground zero of climate change

Posted 12 April 2021 in Environmental Conservation

Students on Ice

Funded since 2013

The Students on Ice (SOI) Foundation builds leadership and capacity for a sustainable future by providing a platform for transformative learning, professional development, and cross-cultural collaboration in the Arctic, Antarctic and places in-between. Their programs bring together global youth, educators, and industry leaders to tackle the most pressing issues facing our world.

Why we fund Students on Ice 

Future generations are the ones who will have to deal with the longterm consequences of the climate crisis. Students on Ice aims to engage youth around climate change by showing them its effects firsthand. We think this is a brilliant approach to getting kids to care about protecting the planet and working to shift the dynamics of climate change. In addition to life-changing expeditions, the organization provides leadership support to youth who want to take action to fight climate change.