Supporting our young people as they develop their emotional and social skills and build connection through nature-based activities at Foundry centres.

Posted 05 July 2021 in Youth Education

St Paul's Foundation of Vancouver - Foundry

Funded since 2019

Foundry is removing barriers and increasing access to health and wellness services for young people ages 12-24 and their families/caregivers through our network of welcoming, youth-friendly centres in 11 communities (with another 8 in development) and online. Foundry centres - co-created with and for youth - offer free, confidential, integrated mental health and substance use services, primary care, youth and family peer support, and social services, making it easier for young people to find support in their communities. Online resources and virtual services, including the new Foundry BC app, further broaden Foundry’s reach. 

Why We Fund Foundry

We we need a new and innovative approach to support youth living with mental health issues.  Foundry aims to reach young people earlier – before their concerns have a severe impact on their health, relationships and well-being. At Foundry, they see each youth as a whole person rather than just their challenges, and empower young people to determine which services best help them live a good life. Within Foundry’s integrated service model is an option for youth to explore how meaningful Wellness Program activities —such as spending time in nature, exploring creative arts or participating in mindfulness or physical activities — can promote holistic wellness and encourage youth to connect with each other and themselves.