Phase 1 – Culture Centre in Hada

Posted 28 April 2024


Current status: Healing Center is complete. Project to build social enterprise model/tourism continues.

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Bond Sound in British Columbia, Nawalakw stands as a proud First Nations community steeped in rich cultural heritage.
With a deep reverence for the land and sea, Nawalakw cherishes traditions passed down through generations, preserving ancestral knowledge and storytelling that connects them to their past. Guided by a profound respect for nature, the community thrives on sustainable practices, fostering harmony between humanity and the environment.


This world-class lodge will deliver traditional healing programs and teachings in all aspects of Kwakwaka’wakw language and culture, sustained by revenue from the Lodge and Healing Village. It will employ over 100 people from local villages and the surrounding territory.

Through our networks we have brought significant additional capital investors, business advisors, contractors, and other resources that made this project happen.