Heart of Hazelton

Posted 29 April 2024


Current status: Complete.

Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Skeena River Valley in northwestern British Columbia, Hazelton is a vibrant community shaped by its rich Indigenous history and stunning natural surroundings. With a tapestry of cultures woven together, including Gitxsan, Wet'suwet'en, and non-Indigenous residents, Hazelton celebrates diversity and unity. From traditional ceremonies and artistic expression to outdoor adventures and sustainable initiatives, Hazelton thrives as a beacon of cultural vibrancy and environmental stewardship in the heart of the Northwest Coast.


The Heart of the Hazelton has been a unique collaboration of leadership in the Upper Skeena region, called together in the midst of a crippling economic downturn, to address the need for action on a mental health and educational crisis for the people of the area. Hereditary chiefs, elected chiefs, municipal governments, and Regional District came together in a unified effort to envision, plan, raise funding, and complete programs and the building of a year round recreation centre with supportive recreation for the Gitxsan, Wet’suet’en, and settler communities of the Upper Skeena. Planning, work, and evaluation is ongoing to realize the complete vision, which involves transportation and supporting healthy activity in each of the 11 scattered communities of the Upper Skeena.

Beyond our capital contribution to the project, for the past two years we have invited NHL players to put on hockey camps in the summer for local youth.