Benefiting the health of British Columbians

Posted 05 July 2021 in Health & Wellness

Woodward Foundation

Funded since 2019

Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation’s legacy of giving began almost 70 years ago when PA Woodward, son of Woodward’s Department Stores founder Charles Woodward, formalized his giving into a foundation. The Foundation’s articles allowed for support for Healthcare initiatives that directly benefited the health of British Columbians. Over the decades, Woodward's support totals nearly $60 million and has reached all corners of the province, making a particular difference in smaller rural communities. The Foundation visits these communities to understand their needs and to extend its grants to further support local initiatives. Power To Give learned about Woodward’s network and knowledge in the health care field from a Woodward’s Board Member. For the past three years, Woodward’s has provided Power To Give contacts and recommended projects resulting in Power To Give donating $6 million to numerous charities transforming health care for British Columbians. Woodward’s applauds Power To Give, poised to become another great example of creative philanthropy.

Why We Fund Woodward Foundation

Working on the front lines, The Woodward Foundation have been incredible partners for Power To Give, providing equipment to remote communities.