Increasing access to health and wellness through aviation

Posted 21 March 2023 in Health and Wellness

Helicopters Without Borders

Funded since 2020

Helicopters Without Borders is a non-profit organization that delivers health, wellness, and critical support to remote communities and population struck by disaster across B.C.

Across Canada, thousands of people in rural and remote communities are negatively impacted by inefficient supply chains as a result of geography, poor transportation infrastructure, and severe seasonal weather. We provide air transportation solutions to bridge this gap, and increase access to health and wellness in British Columbia.

Why We Fund Helicopters Without Borders

Everyone deserves access to healthcare and Helicopters Without Borders brings healthcare professionals into isolated communities that receive little to no access to health and wellness experts. They also work with a variety of other organizations to secure deliveries of food, clean water, medical supplies, and hygiene products.