Raising funds and acting as a conduit for community members making philanthropic donations to local health care facilities and initiatives within the Bulkley Valley.

Posted 05 July 2021 in Health & Wellness

Bulkley Valley Health Care & Hospital Foundation

Funded since 2020

The BV Health Foundation funds equipment, projects and initiatives that enhance health care offerings in the Bulkley Valley.  Our catchment area is from Topley to Witset and we accept submissions for funding twice a year from a variety of organizations to our eight areas of funding. The BV Health Foundation believes in expanding and enhancing local health care so that more residents can remain in, or closer to, their home community to have their medical needs met where they are surrounded by their support people, which is often equally important to healing and recovery. In recent years, we successfully fundraised for and worked out the logistics of, bringing a CT Scanner to the Bulkley Valley District Hospital.  The number of transfers to other facilities this eliminates, alone, is a success for our town, but the quick diagnostic abilities and emergent cases being addressed by this machine is incredible.  I think Power to Be realizes that the North matters and access to health care is one reason families choose to stay or leave a place of residence. Their support has helped strengthen our town and what is has to offer newcomers and longtime residents, alike.

Why We Fund Bulkley Vally Health Care & Hospital Foundation

For a charitable organization in a small, rural town in Northern BC, BV Health Foundation has had significant fundraising successes.  They are well supported and collaborate often with the local Health Services Administrator to figure out ways to bring big ideas to small towns. We support the big difference the organization makes in making health care available for the community without the need to travel to large cities.