Showing the world what happens when you put cash in the hands of the homeless

Posted 08 April 2021 in Health & Wellness

Foundations for Social Change

Funded since 2018

"Foundations for Social Change is a Vancouver-based charitable organization that drives innovation to advance social change. Their first program, called the New Leaf Project, is the first project in the world to put cash directly into the hands of the homeless."

Why we fund Foundations for Social Change 

Power to Give embraces risk-taking in the impact sector, and Foundations for Social Change is a great example of an organization that’s making bold bets with the potential for game-changing impact. Their innovative approach to helping people who are experiencing homelessness—which is to put money directly into their hands—was a gamble, and it’s paying off. They have an 80% success rate, which is stronger than most approaches attempting to tackle homelessness.