Supporting Heiltsuk youth, culture, and environment.

Posted 08 April 2021 in Youth Education

Qqs Projects Society

Funded since 2015

Qqs Projects Society delivers programs for Heiltsuk Nation youth and families focused on culture and language revitalization, land-based healing and education, and stewardship of their unceded homelands.

Why we fund Qqs 

Simply put, we believe deeply in what Qqs are doing with and for the Heiltsuk community. Qqs has been doing great work for years, helping connect their youth to the land, and making their community a viable place for young people to stay, or to return too after university. And Qqs’ new collaboration, Kunsoot Wellness Centre, will help many members of their community heal and find long-lasting wellness. Like many Qqs collaborations, the wellness centre is already a model and inspiration to countless other Indigenous communities across Canada and the United States.